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Toll Free Virtual Office Plus

A Toll Free Number + Press 1 to Transfer

only $8.95mo

This Toll Free Package Comes With:

  • A New Toll Free Number or Keep Your Own And Stop Paying the Monthly Service Charge

  • Callers Can Press 1 to Transfer To You Live, or Leave Voicemail

  • Free Call Forwarding

  • Free Voice Mail

  • Free SMS Notification of New Messages

  • Listen to Messages by Phone and Online

  • Free - Messages Delivered by Email

  • Free Fax Receiving (Regular $7.95mo)

  • Free - Faxes Delivered by Email




6.9 cents per minute inbound usage on voice and fax calls. Billed in 6 Second Increments.  No Minimum use required. No Monthly Packages of Minutes to buy. Calls transferred to you for FREE! (US & CA) Yes, we have packages with lower usage rates.


"I’ve been a customer for over 10 years. You guys and gals are great. And your services have helped me build my business. I recommend Segway Communications to businesses, large and small."
- James Wentworth
Real Estate Investor
"I run my entire business through Segway Communications, and you’re the smallest bill that I pay."
- Christine Alpert
"Our medical practice had grown, and my younger associates wanted an automated voice attendant. With your system, we have gone from an antiquated, single function system to a high powered, user friendly device. Your service is superb and will not only improve our operations, but reduce our costs.” “PS: You need to get a medical marketing person, probably an untapped market. Many thanks."
- Howard Mintz
" I have had your service for several months and it’s the BEST of both worlds. It allows us to keep our home and cell numbers private. And the $10 we pay each month compared to the $50 we would pay the phone company for a business line is also a huge bonus. Anyway I just wanted to say that we love the service and keep up the good work."
- David Harris
San Antonio Texas