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Virtual Office Phone & Fax

Only $8.95 mo

Flat Rate!

A Phone Number PLUS

  • Free Voice Mail
  • Free SMS Notification of New Messages
  • Listen to Messages By Phone & Online
  • Free Message Delivery By Email
  • Free Fax Receiving
  • Free Faxes Delivery By Email
  • Choose a Toll Free Number and Get Free Call Forwarding.






Flat rate with local numbers.

6.9 cents per minute usage charges for inbound calls only apply to toll free numbers.

Call forwarding is still Free.


Included Free
    • Free Fax to Email
    • Free Unlimited Conference Calling
"I’ve been a customer for over 10 years. You guys and gals are great. And your services have helped me build my business. I recommend Segway Communications to businesses, large and small."
- James Wentworth
Real Estate Investor
"I run my entire business through Segway Communications, and you’re the smallest bill that I pay."
- Christine Alpert
"Our medical practice had grown, and my younger associates wanted an automated voice attendant. With your system, we have gone from an antiquated, single function system to a high powered, user friendly device. Your service is superb and will not only improve our operations, but reduce our costs.” “PS: You need to get a medical marketing person, probably an untapped market. Many thanks."
- Howard Mintz
" I have had your service for several months and it’s the BEST of both worlds. It allows us to keep our home and cell numbers private. And the $10 we pay each month compared to the $50 we would pay the phone company for a business line is also a huge bonus. Anyway I just wanted to say that we love the service and keep up the good work."
- David Harris
San Antonio Texas